Agrilink, Foodlink, Aqualink 2016

What: Agrilink, Foodlink, Aqualink 2016
When: October 6 to 8, 2016
Where: World Trade Center Manila (Pasay City)

As in the past, Agrilink offers new technological breakthroughs to the trade participants of the agribusiness industry. That’s how it has been for the past 23 years as Agrilink, the undisputed leader in agribusiness exhibition showcase latest product ideas and innovations, both in production and processing. It also focuses in the promotion of market linkages between producers and buyers to effect a cost efficient movement or transport of goods to the agribusiness community and the general public. This year, Agrilink offers the latest farm inputs and equipment, products and systems for farm use, processing facilities and an array of products designed to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Featured Products

Agricultural Chemicals, Animal Housing and Breeding, Animal Health and Nutrition, Aquaculture Equipment and Inputs, Communication and Information Technology, Dairy Products, Equipment and Machinery, Facilities on Cooking and Storage, Facilities on Postharvest, Feed Ingredients, Feedmilling, Fertilizers and Pest Management, Financial Institutions, Fishery products, Food Ingredients and Additives, Food Packaging, Food Processing, Fruits and Vegetables, Greenhouses and Nurseries, Horticulture Inputs, Meat Products, Organic Farming and Hydroponics, Publications, Research and Consultancy, Seeds and Planting Materials, Irrigation Systems, Transport and Logistics, Waste Management.


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