Asian Catfish Seed and Grow-Out Production

A. Seed Production

Catfish is locally known as hito to Tagalogs, paltat to Ilocanos, pantat to Cebuanos and Ilonggos, and ito to Pampangenos. It is one of the most important freshwater food fishes not only in the Philippines, but in the whole of Southeast Asia. Catfish culture requires less area, can tolerate poor water quality, as well as high density stocking. In addition, disease occurrence in catfish has not been a significant problem so far.

Technology Profile

Catfish broodstock can be obtained from lakes, rivers and other freshwater bodies. It can be stocked in earthen ponds or in concrete tanks with mud at the bottom.
Catfish mature in about 6-8 months. Breeding season varies but usually starts in May.

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