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Shiitake Mushroom Production Guide

Shiitake Lentinus edodes is considered as leader of mushroom which can be used both for edible and medicinal purposes. It is a source of well known antitumor or polysaccharides lentinan from the fruiting body or mycelia. It respond actively affecting cholesterol, triglyceride and phospolipid level. Bag Cultivation of Shiitake can produced fruiting bodies faster and

Straw Mushroom Production Guide

Volvariella volvacea (also known as paddy straw mushroom or straw mushroom) locally known as kabuteng saging is one of the species of edible mushrooms. It grows in the topics and subtropics. The paddy straw mushroom is having good combinations of all attributes like flavour, aroma, delicacy, high content of protein and vitamins and minerals, because

Growing Tomatoes at Home Garden

Growing tomatoes is easy and you’ll be amazed at the taste difference in home grown tomatoes! (And in home grown green beans, peas, lettuce, herbs, and peppers.) Growing tomatoes is one of the great pleasures of summer living. Most years they are easy to grow and almost every house has enough sunshine and soil to

FAQ: All about Soiless Planting

What is soilless planting ? Soilless planting is a method of growing plants using clean water or clean water or clean organic mater with or without additional plant nutrients: when clean water and nutrients are used, it is called “hydroponics” when clean organic matter like peat, compost, organic extracts are used, it is called “organics”.

How to Make Bricks & Tiles from Rice Hull Ash & Clay

The high cost of construction materials for housing and the need for enough shelter lead to this simple procedure. Rice hull is used in cooking bricks. The produced ashes is used in the mixture of bricks. These materials can be found anywhere in the Philippines. Materials needed: clay rice hull rice hull ash Tools needed: