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Mass Propagation and Management of Dipterocarps

Dipterocarps is chiefly tropical Asian trees with two-winged fruits; yield valuable woods and aromatic oils and resins. it’s a valuable Philippine timber tree. It has a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms. Dipterocarps have long been considered as slow-growing hardwood species.

Tomato, Nature’s Wonder Drug

What about tomato? Scientists are suggesting that tomato lovers may be more likely to reduce the risk of serious disease. Lycopene, an antioxidant which gives tomatoes their lovely rich red color, helps remove free radicals from the body. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules and have been implicated in cancer and other serious diseases. Professor

Starting a Kid-Centered Business

Because of changes in the social and family roles of children, recent decades have seen sharp increases not only in kids’ direct spending but also in their influence on household spending. In the 1960s, an era when kids were largely expected to be “seen and not heard,” children influenced their parents’ purchases. Kids now influence

How to Make Soybean Coffee

Soybean coffee is a coffee made using soy beans and coffee beans. Soy coffee is ideal for people who would like a healthier alternative to regular coffee. It is a recommended substitute for real coffee for consumers with heart ailments. Soy is certified organic. Organic is always better for the environment, the people and for

Organic Control or BioControl of Crop Diseases

Many of our local plants contain helpful chemicals, particularly alkaloids, that are effective against fungal and bacterial diseases of other plants. Thus, they are mixed with the soil to control the fungus that causes the diseases of seedlings. Allow the leaves to decompose for about one week before transplanting the seedlings. Thus, using plant leaves