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How to Makle Kitchen Hangings from Resin

Kitchen hangings add color to the interior of the kitchen. Here you will make carrot and tomato kitchen hanging, but you can male practically any shape of your choice using a one-piece mold. Tools and Materials: Models of carrot and tomato 500g Silicon rubber 25g Catalyst 4 squares of Gauze Carton Silicon rubber applicator (cotton

How to Make Sugar and Syrup from Coconut Sap

The coconut tree as a “tree of life” is characteristically a food supplier as this tree provides fruit throughout the year. The fruit is edible at any stage of maturity. It provides not only solid food but also a large volume of very safe and healthy drinking water. The fruit of the coconut palm is

How to Make Canton Noodles

Canton noodles are delicious, cheap and economical. They can serve as one-dish-meal or as meal extender. These noodles are usually used for making pancit canton. Ingredients: 250 grams All-purpose flour 30 grams Water, divide into 2 parts 8 grams Iodized salt 1 gram Kansui 1 Whole egg 5 grams Powdered shrimp flavor Yellow food color

How to Grow Celery – Part 2 Pest Control, Harvesting

Control of Pests and Diseases: Pests and their Control Cutworm, Aphids, and Mites are the few insects that attack celery in the Philippines. 1. Aphids, Aphis sp. These are small greenish insects, which are either winged or wingless. They reproduce every rapidly. The insects sucks the sap from the leaves causing curling, distortion and stunting

How to Grow Celery – Part 1 Varieties, Cultural

Celery is native to the Mediterranean and adjacent areas. The plant is a strong-smelling biennial. The thick petioles, curved in cross section, are long and grooved on the external surface. The stems bearing the compound leaflets are attached to the apex of the long petiole at a point often called the joint. The flowers are