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4 Reasons Cryptocurrency Investment Is A Risk

In early 2019, we’re going to hear a lot about cryptocurrency investment. Following what can only described as a disastrous year in 2018, cryptocurrencies are down. However, because many still believe in their long-term potential, this is going to be widely viewed as more of an opportunity than anything else. That is, there will be

Point-of-Sale or POS System Software Philippines

The software is designed for medium, small, micro enterprise with the following type of business: Convenience Store, Groceries, Supermarkets (CGS) Hardware Store Electronics, phones, gadgets, accessories School & Office stores Auto/motor supply, parts and accessories Personal Care Shops, Boutiques Department Store (clothing, shoes, etc.) Drugstore / Pharmacy Pet Shop, Animal Supplies & Feeds All other

Payroll System Software Philippines

FEATURES Employee – 201, month/day rate, shift, history, photo, login, SL/VL, etc. DTR (reads 3rd party e-DTR) Auto, semi, manual Absent, late/UT, overtime, ND, holiday, restday, leave Payroll Processing Customized setting for your requirements Compute all types of overtime, SSS, PhilHealth, PagIbig, W/Tax Auto deduct loans on schedule (cash adv., sss, home, etc.) Global or

BIR Advisory on New Threshold for Non-VAT Business

BIR advisory. “To all concerned taxpayers and revenue officials and employees:  purely self-employed individuals and/or professionals who are vat-registered taxpayers and whose gross sales/receipts and other non-operating income do not exceed the new value-added tax (VAT) threshold of P3,000,000 in the preceding year, may elect to change his/her status from VAT to Non-VAT by filing

Oil Palm is Easy to Plant and Profitable – Part 2

All that an oil farmer has to do is to harvest and deliver the fruits to the milling plant within 2-3 days after harvest. The earlier the delivery, the better because the quality of the oil depends on the condition of the fruits. Harvesting does not also require much labor, as in sugarcane farming. This