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How to Make Sugar and Syrup from Coconut Sap

The coconut tree as a “tree of life” is characteristically a food supplier as this tree provides fruit throughout the year. The fruit is edible at any stage of maturity. It provides not only solid food but also a large volume of very safe and healthy drinking water. The fruit of the coconut palm is

How to Make Canton Noodles

Canton noodles are delicious, cheap and economical. They can serve as one-dish-meal or as meal extender. These noodles are usually used for making pancit canton. Ingredients: 250 grams All-purpose flour 30 grams Water, divide into 2 parts 8 grams Iodized salt 1 gram Kansui 1 Whole egg 5 grams Powdered shrimp flavor Yellow food color

How to Make Fettucini & Free-Form Pasta

Although pasta comes in different shapes and sizes, its method of preparation does not change. This section describes how bow-shaped and twisted pastas (pilipit) are made. Ingredients: 250 grams All-purpose flour 88 grams Water 10 grams Iodized salt 1 gram Kansui Equipment: Pasta maker Weighing scale Mixing bowl Tray Plastic spatula Strainer Pencil, ballpen or

How to Make Bukayo or Caramelized Coconut

Ingredients: 1 kg grated coconut 1 kg pulot-ipot (molasses) 1/2 kg corn syrup Potassium metabisulfite Utensils: Kitchen scale Carajay Wooden spoon or ladle Cheesecloth Wooden mold Stainless steel knife Packaging Material: Cellophane and PE bags (0.003 in. thickness) or tin containers Procedure: Dissolve corn syrup in a small amount of water in a carajay over

How to Make Coconut Chips

In 1999, the Philippines ranked 3rd in world production next to Indonesia and India, and accounts to 23% of the total world produce. Coconut is grown as a major crop in many provinces, a total land area of more than 3 Million hectares is devoted to coconut production. Product Types and Uses Coconut oil, desiccated