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Vacuum Fried Jackfruit Processing

The vacuum fried jackfuit is a nutritious snack item from ripe jackfruit pulp that is yellow to golden brown. It is sweet and crunchy. It is processed at low temperature (below 100┬░C) under vacuum thereby maintaining its sensory and nutritional qualities. It has no added sugar and preservatives. It is the only vacuum fried jackfruit

How to Make Jackfruit Syrup

Procedure Weigh previously washed and sanitized jackfruit. Cut/slice. Separate yellow pulp from white pulp. Remove seeds. Weigh yellow pulp. Pack in previously sterilized jars. Prepare 50% syrup*, added with 0.1% citric acid*. Add hot syrup into jars containing the fruit. Remove bubbles formed by exhausting at 80-C for 10 minutes. Seal. Process jackfruit in jars

How to Make Jackfruit Pastillas

Materials Needed mashed ripe jackfruit, 1 kilo (5 cups) sugar, 300 g (2 & 1/4 cups) butter or margarine, 200 g full cream powdered milk, 1 cup Utensils Needed rolling pin, frying pan, chopping or kneading board, spatula, kitchen knife, wax paper Procedure Blend or mash ripe jackfruit. Add sugar and milk. Cook over slow

How to Make Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Ingredients: 170-180 g Dressed fish (bangus, tunsoy, galunggong) 60 g Sauce composed of: 37.8 g tomato sauce 12.6 g Tomato paste 9 ml Corn or vegetable oil 0.7 Hot pepper extract* 1-2 g Salt *Hot Pepper Extract Procedure  Prepare by boiling red hot peppers (siling labuyo) of known weight in water (1 part pepper to

How to Make Durian Powder

Raw material: Ripe durian pulp. Production process: Pit the pulp and slice into thin pieces. Steam at 90 degrees celsius for 3 minutes. Place on a strainer and dry in a hot – air dryer at 50-60 degrees celsius or a solar drier or in the sunshine until dry. Beat into a powder with an