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How to Setup a Blacksmithing Business, Part 1 Procedure

Blacksmithing transforms metals in its physical structure and appearance by heating and hammering. In this brief, materials are restricted ferrous metals, that is, the range of irons and steels. The smithy contains five main things to aid the blacksmith in their work. There needs to be a heat source or hearth to get the material

How to Start a Printing Press in 9 Steps

If you can secure a client with large printing needs, having a printing press may indeed make you feel that you are printing money. Here are basic the steps to start your own printing press: 1. Determine what market niche you wish to target. Most printers are commercial printers which mean they print almost any

How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market

If you are looking for an investment with high returns and low initial investment then putting your money in the stock market may be right move for you. Many people have made millions buying and selling stocks. However, many people too have lost money due to both ignorance and bad luck. To minimize the risk

Planting and Production of Annato Seeds

Annato or achuete is commonly grown in backyard gardens in the country. Seeds are used for dyes and food coloring, especially for butter. It is also used in making polishes for russet leather. The dye is obtained from the pulp around the seed by soaking them in the water. The pigment that settles to the

Dehydration Process of Garlic

Garlic (Allium sativum Linn.), commonly called bawang, belongs to the liliaceae or sibuyas family. It is an annual herb consisting mainly of a bulb, also called head, which in turn is divided into several sections called cloves. Each clove has a separate skin or peel that is usually removed before using. Propagation Garlic is propagated