Chicken Poultry Housing Equipment

Feeding troughs or feeders

Feeders can be placed inside or along the front of the cages. When making feeders, consider the ease in cleaning and avoidance of feed spillage.  Feed spillage may be avoided by placing a metal or wooden strip along the
inner mouth of the feeding trough.


To facilitate cleaning, the shape and size of the waterers should be semi-circular, fairly wide and supported by an adjustable bracket to permit easier adjustment. It may have a removal stopper at the drainage end to allow for
easier cleaning.

For chicks. the waterers are usually one-gallon plastic jars. The most common waterers are the plastic waterers because they do not rust therefore they will last longer.

Backyard poultry raisers usually use bamboo waterers. They are cheap but there is a great tendency for slime (lumot) to develop and oftentimes they do not last very long. They need constant changing.

Portable Catching Panels

This is usually made of either bamboo, wood or wire frames. This device comes in handy during vaccination.

Feed Carts

In a well-planned poultry house with cemented service alleys, the feed cart is a handy piece of equipment which can reduce the number of hours spent in feeding the chickens. It makes the feeding less laborious and tiresome. In the
absence of a feed cart a wheelbarrow will do.

Download hi-res diagram here


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