Crab Culture, Fattening Using Pen or Cages in Mangroves

To produce food through aquaculture without sacrificing the environment is an apt description for the culture or fattening of mudcrab in mangrove areas. The use of net enclosures in mangroves or tidal zones offers a better alternative to pond culture. It also promotes a better image for brackishwater aquaculture that had been linked to the historical clear-cutting of mangroves to make way to ponds.

For fattening, the technology involves the construct of small cages with individual cells which are then stocked with lean crabs, weighing at least 100 g (if female native crabs) or 300 g (if female giant crab). Males weighing 200 g (if native) or 350 g (giant crab) may also be stocked individually in the cage cells. Fattening can take 15-30 days.

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