Dehydrated Jackfruit Processing

The dehydrated jackfruit is a nutritious snack item from ripe jackfruit pulp. It is golden yellow to golden orange and has a chewy texture with a sweet and sour taste. It is safer than the other dried fruit products because it is free from sulfite preservatives, which may trigger allergic reactions in some consumers. It is the only sulfite-free dried jackfruit product in the market.

Sulfite-Free Dehydrated Sweetened Jack fruit

  1. Slice open the ripe jackfruits and take out the pulp by separating the seeds and the rags.
  2. Cook 60 kg of the pulp in 60 L sugar syrup 130 kg sugar + 30 L water) until the pulp turns soft to touch.
  3. Let cool to about 50°C and add 360 g ascorbic acid and 360 g citric acid. Mix thoroughly and soak overnight in the sugar syrup.
  4. Rinse in running water for a few seconds and drain.
  5. Spread the drained pulp on drying trays lined with nylon mesh to prevent from sticking on aluminum trays. Dry at 70°-75°C for 8 hours.
  6. Interchange drying trays every hour for uniform drying. Pack in 0.004-inch thick polypropylene bags at 90 g net weight.
  7. Store the packed products in wooden screen cabinets in a cool dry place.


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