DIY Honey Extractor from Simple Materials

Commercial Honey Extractors are devices used to extract honey from honeybee ‘frames’. This is achieved by ‘uncapping’ each frame/comb, and loading that frame/comb into the extractor, and ‘spinning out’ the honey. The extractor ‘spins’ (like a centrifuge) the honey out of the combs, slopping it on the inside liner of the extractor, where the honey runs down, collects in the bottom, and is bottled from a valve in the bottom of the extractor.

The instruction will show you the fundamentals of constructing your own radial honey extractor. In this particular project, we have created the honey extractor within the hull of an ‘antique’ washing machine. This project will, however, give you enough information, to build your own honey extractor, using traditional materials, and you will be able to eliminate the ‘washing machine hull’ from your design (if you choose) and built a simple square ‘box frame’, and still follow the instructions. Read the full instructions at and another design at


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