Guide to Growing Organic Mango

The growing domestic and export market demands for organically grown fruits and vegetables compel us to learn to grow ORGANIC MANGO using the Natural Farming System. This is a simple and basic study to help mango growers produce naturally grown mango free from toxic chemical residue, using both herbal organic fertilizers and concentrates with biotechnology and integrated pest management.

Let us recall that in the 1950s and earlier, before Dr. Ramon Barba discovered Potassium nitrate in 1970, as a good mango flower inducers; mangoes in the Philippines were not sprayed and cared the way we do today. They were producing good quality fruits, growing naturally. However, fruiting was seasonal. Smudging was the common ways of inducing flowering and fruiting and it was cumbersome.

Before 1950 mango the trees were left alone to nature and bear fruits during season. Mango owners just harvested mango fruits without caring for the trees, just like coconut farmers. Today, as the prices of chemical inputs get too high, mango growers are starting to leave the mango trees to the care of nature. Added to this is the growing demand for chemical free mango or naturally grown fruits.

We are now introducing the use of herbal organic pest and disease control and biological measures. Our latest experience in growing organic mango show that natural farming system is easier to learn and adopted by farmers. Production cost is much lower than conventional chemical farming. Organic fertilizer and beneficial microorganisms increase soil nutrient year after year as the tree also grow bigger and increase their productivity.

The usual experience is that for the first to the second year, while the soil is still gaining the build up on plant food nutrient with organic fertilizer, compost in combination of microbial activities, the yield are still lower than with the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemicals which have immediate effect on plant growth and nutrition. When soil nutrient have reached the optimum level and the beneficial bio-organisms bring back life to the soil, the health and productivity of plants surpasses those under chemical treatment, at much lower production cost. This has been tested and proven in many countries adopting the Natural Farming System.


  • Introduction
  • Description of mango
  • Philippine Carabao Mango variety
  • Nutritional Aspects
  • Mango Products
  • Mango Cultural Requirements
  • Establishment of Mango Orchard
  • Plant Propagation
  • Field Planting
  • Care and Management of Juvenile Trees
  • Care and Management of Bearing Trees
  • Herbal Organic Spray
  • On Season Mango Production
  • Off Season Mango Production
  • Flower Induction
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • One Year Mango Production Cycle
  • Flower and Fruit Protection
  • Harvesting Mango
  • Post Harvest Operations
  • Preparing fresh fruits for shipment
  • Post harvest Treatment
  • Packaging Operations
  • Grading Philippine Mango for Export
  • Mango fresh fruit storage
  • Ripening Mango Fruits
  • Mango Trading
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Mango Farm Requirements
  • Mango Products, Processing and Utilization
  • Mango Preparation and Recipe
  • Natural Farming
  • Simple guide to Growing Organic Mango
  • Summary and Recommendations

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