Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program

Sari-sari Stores are small neighborhood retail shops started and run by women microentrepreneurs from their homes. Quite often these microentrepreneurs mothers – or Nanays – who engage in this microbusiness in order to augment their family’s income.

With more than one million sari-sari stores present in the Philippines, this store has become a major part of Filipinos’ way of life. It is no wonder then, that the humble sari-sari store stands for many things: an extended pantry supplying the community’s daily needs, a representation of an average Filipino’s means of living, a colorful cultural icon, a massive distribution channel, and a lot more.

For Hapinoy, Sari-sari Stores serve as a huge opportunity—both as a business for Nanay, and as a way to bring products and services to communities, to impact the lives of so many Filipinos.

Hapinoy started in 2007 with the vision of sustainably uplifting the lives of those at the base of the pyramid by empowering Nanays to become more effective micro-entrepreneurs, with the goal of eventually harnessing the store network to provide communities access to high impact products. Since inception, the program has trained and partnered with 3,000 amazing Nanay micro-entrepreneurs. With newfound confidence and strengthened zeal, our Hapinoy Nanays are now better equipped to face the challenges of running and expanding their stores.

The Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program continue to effectively empower Nanays by providing them with three main resources that they need to successfully run and grow their businesses.

EDUCATION. Hapinoy’s Business Management and Personal Development training modules emphasizes on education, culture-building, and imparting overall best practices, giving Nanay the tools and skills she needs to introduces systems in her store. These systems aid in developing a more sustainable business model for her sari-sari store.

ACCESS TO CAPITAL. If Nanay’s business plan involves securing additional capital, Hapinoy can link her up with different sources available in her area which she can then choose from. These can be Microfinancing Institutions, Cooperatives, or groups with a lending facility.

NEW BUSINESSES. To weave the program together, Hapinoy focuses on assisting Nanay in expanding her business while introducing higher value products and services to the community, through her sari-sari store. Not only does this bring added revenue for Nanay, it also brings a whole new level of access and impact to the community.

Some examples of these businesses that Hapinoy has started with Nanay are distribution of over-the-counter medicines and solar solutions. Moving forward, Hapinoy partners with Nanay to provide even the most rural communities access to financial services through the power of mobile technology. Imagine financial services offered right in Nanay’s sari-sari store, making it more affordable and accessible to every Filipino.

Empowering Filipinos Through Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has the power to change the way we communicate, and interact. It has the power to connect anyone to anything and everyone. And for Hapinoy, it has the power to positively impact the lives of millions of Filipinos. Hapinoy sees mobile technology as the key to continuously empowering Nanay micro-entrepreneurs and the communities they serve. With the connectivity that mobile technology brings, various high impact initiatives, such as financial services can now be made available in the country’s largest distribution channel which is the sari-sari store network. This means that more than ever, financial inclusion is closer to becoming reality for more and more Filipinos. In fact it can now all be possible under Nanay’s fingertips.

With this vision, the Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program aims not just to train individual store owners, but to create a COMMUNITY OF NANAYS from different parts of the Philippines empowered to run and grow their own sustainable businesses and to build a NETWORK OF STORES capable of providing communities access to financial services and other high impact products through the power of mobile technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program?

The name Hapinoy, is a play on the words Happy and Pinoy, the colloquial word for Filipino.

Thus, put together, Hapinoy simply means Happy Filipino! It celebrates the remarkable ability of Filipinos to be happy in the midst of any circumstance.

The Hapinoy Program is a micro-enterprise development program focused on small neighborhood convenience stores or sari-sari stores. These retail-based stores are commonly set-up by Filipino Mothers or Nanays within their homes in an effort to help augment their family’s financial needs. The program seeks to empower and equip these mothers to be effective micro-entrepreneurs able to grow their stores into sustainable family businesses by providing them with:

  • An extensive skills-training course specifically designed to cater to their entrepreneurial needs,
  • Access to proper capital through micro financing, and
  • Opportunities for new businesses that will benefit both their families and the communities they are in.
  • On a community level, the Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store program aims to make available basic goods and social impact products to even the most rural areas through their network of stores.

2. Why Sari-Sari Stores?

Wherever you are in the Philippines, there is a good chance that there is a sari-sari store within walking distance. That is how much these retail stores are embedded in the Filipino’s concept of a community and how much we rely on them for day-to-day purchases. To quantify, there are close to 1,000,000 sari-sari stores in the Philippines which is 1 for every 100 Filipinos. Imagine if all of these small, individual sari-sari stores are sustainable and thriving and they form one huge network. Imagine the impact that could potentially have in supporting vibrant, local economies and providing access to social impact goods and services such as mobile financial services and basic healthcare. That is why we are working with sari-sari stores.

3. Who is Microventures, Inc (MVI) and Microventures Foundation, Inc (MVF)? What is the relationship between these groups and Hapinoy?

MicroVentures, Inc. (MVI) and MicroVentures Foundation, Inc (MVF) work hand in hand in running the Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program. Together we aspire to be the leading partners of micro entrepreneurs in the country.

MicroVentures, Inc (MVI) is responsible for creating a network among micro to small businesses, medium and large enterprises, and other supporting institutions. MVI aims to provide sustainable livelihood at the grassroots level, particularly focusing on introducing new businesses and supply chain strategies aimed at providing access to health services, and other basic commodities. It generates revenue through marketing services and from supply chain services within the network.

MicroVentures Foundation, Inc (MVF) is the other entity behind the Hapinoy Sari- Sari Store Program which provides Nanays with capacity building skills that allow sari-sari store owners to become more effective and empowered micro entrepreneurs. It mobilizes resources through grants and donations.

4. Is Hapinoy an NGO?

Hapinoy is not an NGO. It is a Social Enterprise – an entity dedicated to solving a social problem with the framework of a business model. And as such, it is designed with sustainability and scalability in mind.

5. Who are Hapinoy Nanays or Mothers?

Hapinoy Nanays (the Filipino words for Mothers) are the dedicated sari-sari owners we work with. She is a self-confident and empowered woman, mother, and entrepreneur. Despite all the challenges that life throws at her, she is able to remain optimistic, joyful , and more determined than ever to give her family a good life.

6. What is the goal of Hapinoy for each mother?

The Hapinoy Program mainly partners with women micro entrepreneurs. The Program aims to help each Nanay:

  • Gain a profitable and sustainable business
  • Reap practical, tangible benefits from partners and microfinance institutions
  • Become knowledgeable with the help of training programs and support services
  • Be confident and empowered

7. How do our Nanays benefit from the Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program?

Through Hapinoy, our Nanays can:

  • Learn new strategies and methods such as effective recordkeeping, cashflow management and customer relationship management
  • Access micro finance institutions and other lending facilities
  • Grow their businesses and venture into new ones

8. How can I become part of Hapinoy?

The Hapinoy Program was implemented in several sites around the Philippines and is currently focused in South Luzon. Hapinoy is currently focused on working with partner networks such as microfinancing institutions, and as such is unable to accommodate individual sari-sari stores as applicants as of the moment.

9. Why work with Nanays or Mothers?

We primarily work with nanays or mothers because our micro finance partners primarily work with the very same women. Through the course of the program, we also eventually work with tatays (Fathers), and anaks (sons or daughters).

In many cases, Hapinoy stores have transformed into a family business and not just the mother’s. As the business grows, family members take on different tasks necessary in store management. The Hapinoy program, after all, aims to help mothers help their whole family and impact their whole community.

10. Who else does the Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program partner with?

Though our Nanays are our main partners, we also work with different partners particular to different aspects of our program. For a list of partners we have worked with or are currently working with, click here.

We also partner with other LGUs, socio civic groups, church groups, non-profit orgs, private companies, and cooperatives. If you are interested in becoming a partner of Hapinoy, contact us by emailing [email protected]

11. What if I’m not in your covered areas but I’m interested in being part of the Hapinoy program?

Contact us anyway. We would be more than happy to answer any of your inquiries. Please send your e-mail to [email protected]

web: http://hapinoy.com/about/the-hapinoy-sari-sari-store-program

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