Hatchery and Nursery Operation of Mudcrab

Although the technology applies to all three species of mud crab (Scylla serrata, S. tranquebarica, S. olivacea), S. serrata or giant/king crab has been the focus of culture due to its economic viability. Healthy mature crabs with complete limbs are chosen as breeders. The crabs are maintained in the tank until they spawn (release of eggs).

After hatching of eggs, care is taken to raise the zoea to the megalopa stage in the hatchery. Feed used are Brachionus and Artemia. Water replacement may be from 30 to 80% every 5 days. Megalopae are then transferred to nursery tanks or net cages before they can be stocked in ponds or pens, and are fed mollusks or fish. Hatchery and nursery can take 52-55 days.

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