Hog/Swine Raising, Marketing and Investment


Marketing is the last job done on growing-finishing pigs. Hogs are marketed when they reach at least 80 kg.

Marketable hogs may be sold to middlemen who usually act as buying or selling agents, direct to meat processors without the intervention of a middleman, or in auction markets where animals are sold to the buyers who offers the highest accept- able price per kilo live-weight or per head.

When a large number of hogs are to be marketed, the producer must observe proper shipment and transport handling to minimize losses due to shrinkage, bruises, injuries and possible deaths.

Here are some tips:

  • When transporting hogs, separate the large animals from small pigs by a partition.
  • Provide loading facilities for easier and proper loading of pigs.
  • If necessary provide beddings of sand or saw dust. When the weather is hot, wet down the beddings before loading to keep the pigs cool and comfortable.
  • Do not overload nor underload the truck.
  • Do not excite or over-heat hogs. Give the hogs enough rest and leave them undisturbed until they are butchered.
  • Do not overfeed hogs before transport to avoid suffocation or vomiting.

Inputs in Production

A. Backyard Operation

A1.   Investment

  • a.  A livable hog house with concrete floor.
  • b.  Purchase of seed stock or foundation animal

A2.   Operating Expenses

  • a.  Feeds
  • b.  Veterinary medicines, vaccines, feed supplements
  • c.  Livestock insurance

B. Commercial/Large Scale Operation

B1.  Investments

a.   Hog houses:

  • Farrowing house/stall
  • Gilt/Dry/Gestating house
  • Boar house (may be omitted if A.I. is to used)
  • Weanling House
  • Growing/Fattening house Isolation house

b.  Equipment:

  • Water pump
  • Electrical connections
  • Hammerwill
  • Feed mixer
  • Hog scale -portable units or tape measure
  • Other farm tools
  • Spade and spading fork
  • Wheel barrow and rake

B2.  Purchase of Stock

  • Gilts/Sows
  • Boars

B3. Operating Expenses

  • Hog Feeds
  • Veterinary medicines, drugs, vaccines, feed
  • supplements
  • Labor
  • Repair and maintenance of buildings
  • Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment

source: ldc.da.gov.ph

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