Home-Based Business: Making Beaded Curtain Tassels

There are many things you can do with beads: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and cellular phone holders. And with the growing interest of people in accessorizing not only their own selves but their homes as well, you can make good money making beaded curtain tassels.

People, especially those who have new homes, are now into home decorating and are really spending good money on home decor.

Start-up capital is P100 or less per tassel, and time to finish is 1 hour.

Materials Needed:

  • Tassel cord (around P30 to P40 depending on the brand)
  • Assorted beads (different material, colors, shapes, and sizes)
  • Nylon strings (size 10 or 11)
  • Metal wires and metal cones
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors and pliers

You can buy these items at the Wellson’s store in Quiapo or in Divisoria, Manila.

Getting Started

  1. First, choose a design. Then decide on the beads that you will use. For this project, we will make a curtain tassel with beaded butterfly.
  2. Prepare the tassel cord by laying it down on a table or floor surface. Cut it into 8-inch long cords. Fold it in the middle. Cut a 35-inch long nylon string and use it to tie the cut cords in place. Make sure that the nylon cord’s middle part is the one tied to the tassel’s midsection and that it is knotted tightly. Insert both ends of the string into a metal cone, then st the material aside.
  3. Make the beaded butterfly by cutting two pieces of metal wires each 15″ long. Then, first make the lower wings by folding one end of the string and, before folding the wings to form, insert your preferred beads on the wing surfaces in equal numbers. Make the upper wings following the same process.
  4. Connect the upper and lower wings using a piece of metal wire, then attach them to a cylindrical bead to form the butterfly’s body. Insert the wire on the head’s hole, then loop to tighten. Make sure the body and wings are aligned properly.
  5. Attach the butterfly’s head and antenna by inserting a wire onto a round head, then twist the wire until it is secure. Allow 2.5″ for the antenna, then curl its end with a pair of pliers.
  6. When the butterfly is done, insert the nylon strings into the butterfly’s body. Start beading the string. Decide on your desired pattern. A pattern can be established by varying the colors, sizes, and shapes of the beads. You can make short sequences of symmetrical patterns with larger beads at the center, you can alternate the beads, or you can incorporate semi-precious stones into your design.
  7. Do the beading alternately from one end of the strings to the other. This is to make sure that the design will be symmetrical. Decide on the length, then tie the end of the strings to finish.

How Will You Make

You can sell a piece of curtain tassel for over 3 to 8 times your production cost. Your beaded curtain tassels can be packaged and sold in home furnishing stores. Or you may start by first selling them to friends and family.

source: Millet Enriquez, www.entrepreneur.com.ph

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