How to Build a Homemade Automatic Chicken Feeder

For farmers who have a large amount of chickens, it can be a difficult task to keep them fed all the time. Automatic chicken feeders can be purchased, but they are often costly. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to make your own feeder, and it is a much cheaper alternative.

  1. Take the plastic jar and cut a large hole in the bottom of it. Do not cut all the way to the edge, but instead leave about 1 inch of room around the bottom.
  2. Take one of the pie tins and flip it upside down. Cut a hole in it that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the jar. You want the jar to be able rest on it but not fall through it.
  3. Cut several more holes around the edge of the pie tin. They should be slightly larger than the size of a quarter. These will be where your chickens peck out the chicken feed.
  4. Take the other pie tin and leave it facing right-side up. Spread glue around the rim and stick the upside-down pie tin on top of it. You should now have a saucer shape made with the two pie tins.
  5. Glue the jar over the large hole you have cut in the pie tin. Allow to dry completely.

You now have your chicken feeder. To fill it, unscrew the jar lid and pour the chicken feed inside. As the chickens eat the food, more will gradually pour out.

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