How to make Aromatherapy in Bottles

The aromatic liquid, consisting of 77 percent deodorized alcohol, 16 percent demineralized water, 5 percent fragrance, 1.5 percent dipropylene glycol (DPG), and 0.3 percent fixative. Whether you are producing less or more of this product, the proportion should remain the same.

Using the graduated cylinder, measure the fragrance and pour it into the Boston bottle. (A Boston bottle is a specialty bottle with a round body and round mouth.) Likewise, measure the DPG, alcohol, and fixative and add them to the fragrance, one after another, in that order. Make sure to shake the bottle every time you mix in a substance.

In making fragrance products, only use fragrance-grade DPG. This substance is a water-soluble, colorless liquid with low odor and volatility. It is often used in cosmetics and fragrance products as diluent (diluting substance). The fixative, on the other hand, slows down the evaporation of fragrance compounds, allowing for longer scent-life.

After pouring in the fixative, shake the mixture well, then measure the water and pour it into the mixture. Shake for 30 minutes and set aside.  Continue reading at

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