How to Make Coconut Honey-Like Syrup


  • coconut skim milk
  • glucose
  • sugar
  • stabilizer (sodium alginate)


  • expeller or press
  • centrifuge (separator)
  • blender or colloid mill
  • stainless steel cooking vessel
  • refractometer
  • can sealer

Packaging Material: 2T cans or sterilized glass jars with new PVC caps


  1. Extract coconut milk as described under coconut syrup (steps 1-4).
  2. Store milk preferably in the cold to allow separation of cream from the water portion (skim milk). Collect the skim milk. (Separation may also be accomplished with the use of a centrifuge.)
  3. To one (1) part of the skim milk, add 1/2 part sugar and 1/2 part corn syrup.
  4. Blend with sodium alginate (stabilizer) in a concentration of 0.5% of the mixture.
  5. Heat the mixture over steam for 15 minutes, pass through a colloid mill and cook with constant stirring on a steam jacketed kettle to a temperature of 104°C (220°F). At this temperature, total soluble solids reading is about 76-77%.
  6. Pour hot product into sterilized container and seal completely. Cool and label.


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