How to Make Coconut Whey Syrup


  • coco whey
  • refined sugar
  • hydrochloric acid


  • expeller or press
  • centrifuge (separator)
  • pH meter
  • stainless steel cooking vessel
  • stainless steel spoon
  • refractometer
  • double boiler
  • stove

Packaging Material: Sterilized glass jars with new PVC caps


A. Preparation of Whey

  1. Prepare coconut skim milk as described in Coconut Honey (steps 1 & 2).
  2. Adjust pH of skim milk to 4 with either 6N HCl or 25% citric acid solution. Separate the coagulated proteins by centrifugation or by filtration.
  3. Collect the coconut whey.

B. Cooking

  1. Dissolve sugar in the whey (1 part sugar: 1 part whey).
  2. Cook in a double boiler or steam jacketed kettle until the total soluble solids content reaches 75%.
  3. Pour hot in sterilized containers and seal completely.
  4. Cool and label.

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