How to Make Durian Chips

The processed price is rather high as it is made from good quality pulp. Monthong is preferable because of the thickness and firmness of its pulp. Nowadays, they are available around the country especially in growing localities.

Raw materials:

  • mature durian
  • new and clean vegetable oil
  • fine white salt


  • Knife for cleaving and slashing
  • peeling and slicing device
  • strainer
  • scale
  • sealer


  1. Slash the durian between the grooves. Cut out the husk, white core and the seed. Use the slicer to evenly slide out thin chips.
  2. Deep fry chips in hot oil using medium heat until brown, take out and leave them on the strainer to drain the excess oil.
  3. If a long shelf life is desired, roast them in a hot air dryer again. It will reduce the humidity and make them crispy longer.
  4. For a salty taste, sprinkle on some salt.

Packing and packaging:

  1. Sort sizes of chips.
  2. Pack by weight and seal tightly with a sealer.

Ratio of conversion :

  • Whole fruit: 100
  • Durian pulp: 30
  • Durian chips: 15


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