How to Make Durian Paste

In Thailand , Durian paste called Thurian Kwon in Thai is a popular traditional product. This processed form is made from overripe or split base durian pulp, which is unpopular for consuming fresh and marketed at a low price. The paste can be kept for about one year.

Directions for making durian paste :

Raw material: overripe durian pulp and sugar.

  • Wok or stirring machine
  • gas burner or charcoal stove
  • colander or grater for grating

Cooking process :

  1. Separate durians according to the varieties, take the seed out of the pulp.
  2. Grate the pulp through the grater, and take out the solids and excess parts.
  3. Weigh the pulp. Put it in the wok and stir for 30 minutes. For a sweeter flavour , add sugar, use 100 grams of sugar to 1 kg. of Monthong or 200 grams of sugar to 1 kg. of Chanee. Stir about 3 hours until dry and smooth but clinging to the fingers .
  4. Pack in a container covered with a plastic sheet and close the lid tight.

Packing and packaging: Weigh the finished product and put it in plastic bag, shape it into a long cylindrical tube and label.

Ratio of conversion :

  • Whole fruit: 100
  • Durian pulp: 22-30
  • Durian paste (sugared): 16-18


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