How to Make Festive Candle

Eye catchers in the marketplace are candles that are shaped like huge blocks. These are the aroma candles, which are made by using molds.

Festive candles are aroma candles which uses exudes fascinating aroma of different fruit varieties. In this activity, the essential oil of orange is used. Orange symbolizes victory.

Six pieces of Festive Candles, weighing 1 kilo each can be made using the following materials: (based on  2011 prices)

Raw Materials:

  • 5.4 kgs paraffin wax in pellets
  • 600 g crystal wax
  • 10 g wax dye
  • 18 inches nylon wick
  • Core and outer plaster mold
  • Orange essential oil (the quantity depends on the preferred strength of the candles scent)
  • Festive or fruity accents (fruit designs)

Total Cost: P 653.82


  • weighing scale, casserole, pail, kettle
  • scissor, barbeque stick, rubber band
  • chopstick or wooden stick
  • thermometer, knife, basin, stove

Total Cost: P 4,225.76
Grand Total: P 4,879.29


  1. Weigh 5.4 kgs of paraffin wax and 600g of crystal wax and put in a casserole. Allow the wax to melt within half-an-hour or longer.
  2. Immerse the mold in a pail with water for 3 minutes.
  3. Cut 3 inches of nylon wick.
  4. Dip the nylon wick in the melted wax while holding the end part of it. Immediately retrieve the wick from the melted wax and hold the other end in order to stretch it.
  5. Tie the wick in the center of the barbeque stick that will serve as a stopper in the mold’s hole before putting it in the middle of the core plaster mode.
  6. Join the two pieces of molds. Tie tightly with a rubber band.
  7. Pour melted wax from the casserole to the kettle.
  8. Put some drops of orange aroma. Mix.
  9. Pour the wax mixture into the core candle mold. Fill it up. allow the wax to harden within 2 hours.
  10. While the wax dries, a depression in middle appears. This should be filled up again to produce a solid candle.
  11. Remove the rubber band. Separate the two pieces of molds to remove the hardened candle.
  12. Use a knife to remove excess wax on top of the mold.
  13. Afterwards, prepare the outer candle mold.
  14. Place the hardened core candle in the middle of the outer candle mold.
  15. Place the festive or fruity accent according to preferred position. The design should be placed outward from the surface. Fill up the lower portions with designs.
  16. Heat the remaining wax up to 90°C.
  17. Put some orange essential oil. Mix.
  18. Pour the wax around the core candle. While the candle hardens, fill up the mold of the wax and then place inside a pail half-filled with water. Water should not go inside the mold.
  19. The hardened candle can now be removed from the mold.

Unit Cost and selling Price:

  • Direct cost (P653.83/6) – 108.97
  • Indirect cost – 13.30

Unit cost – P122.27

Suggested selling price:

  • 20% markup – P146.72
  • 30% markup – P158.95
  • 50% markup – P183.40

It is estimated that the entrepreneur can make 60 pieces of festive candles in one day which quantity became the basis for computing the unit cost and selling price.


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