How to Make Herbal Bath Soap

The herbal bath soap is a kind of soap that contains natural ingredients like the essential oils from aloe vera, patchouli, citronella, rose and sampaguita. Soap which contains rich vitamins from fruits like papaya, lemon and calamansi, are also herbal soaps.

The basic ingredients of the herbal soap are oil and lye solution. The only additives in this kind of soap are the following: coloring powder, essential oil, spring fragrance and lanolin.

Ingredients (1kg for 1 liter formula):

Qty (ml) %to total
36 °Be lye solution 360 36
oil 590 59
blue and yellow coloring
additives (5%)
– CDEA 5 0.5
– sodium silicate 5 0.5
– glycerine 8 0.8
– spring fragrance 5 0.5
– patchouli extract 10 1
– aloe vera extract 15 1.5
– sodium benzoate 2 0.2
Total 1000 ml 100%


  • electric mixer
  • flask
  • pail
  • bamboo sticks or chopsticks as stirrer
  • soap molds or clean containers without holes
  • a piece of string for slicing the soap into desired sizes


  1. Measure and weigh the ingredients as specified.
  2. To make 36° Be lye solution, mix well the 2 1/2 liters of water with 1 kg of caustic soda.
  3. Measure 360 ml lye solution and mix with 590 ml of the oil using an electric mixer. Blend the oil-lye mixture very well until creamy.
  4. While mixing continuously, prepare the coloring for the soap. In separate containers, dissolve a few drops of oil with a little of the blue and yellow coloring powder. Use separate sticks for stirring each color.
  5. Mix together the dissolved blue and yellow coloring powder in one container. Estimate the amount of each color to produce an olive green color. Set aside.
  6. Go back to the oil-lye mixture in the mixer and test its consistency by using a chopstick or bamboo stick.
  7. When the oil-lye mixture is already creamy, add the aloe vera essence, glycerine and spring fragrance. Next, add the remaining additives – CDEA, sodium silicate and sodium benzoate.
  8. While mixing continuously, add the prepared olive green color.
  9. When the olive green color is already even, remove the mixture from the mixer.
  10. Transfer the mixture to the molds. Distribute the soap mixture evenly
  11. Allow the soap to harden for 2-4 hours. When the soap hardens, slice it by using a piece of string. The number of soap base depend on the desired size, shape and weight.
  12. Store the soap in a clean place. It can be used after one week.

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