How to Make Hollow Blocks from Lime, Clay & Sand

The National Institute of Science and Technology was able to produce blocks that does not need to be ignited. This block is rectangular in shape with curve on sides and can be tied on bond. It measures 8″ x 8″ x 6″.

The provinces of La Union, Bulacan, Batangas, and Quezon and Negros Occidental have four (4) kinds of “non-metallic ores” deposit that can be used. The clay and limestone can be found in almost anywhere in the country, but the gravel and sand are abundant in Regions III, IV, VI and X.

Raw Materials: clay, lime, sand, gravel, water

Tools needed: pickax, shovel, wire strainer, wooden mold


  1. Crush blocks of clay with a pick. With a wire strainer, remove the wastes like stones, roots, twigs and others.
  2. Strain the lime and sand separately to set aside bigger pieces.
  3. Mix well five (5) boxes of clay, two (2) boxes of lime and two (2) boxes of sand.
  4. Gradually add water until desired mixture is attained. The mixture should not be too wet or too dry to maintain the shape of blocks when placed in mold.
  5. Put in wooden molds and press hard until all the spaces are filled up. Scrape excess in molds.
  6. Remove blocks on mold and let it stay under the shade for three days. Then dry under the sun for (3) three more days.

For more information, contact:

Dept. of Science and Technology
Rm. 303 DOST Bldg., DOST Complex,
Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City 1631
Telephone Nos: (632) 837-20-71 to 82


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