How to Make Home Frangrance Candle

In making home fragrance candles, we will use citronella, a well-known insect repellant, as an aroma. This essential oils is also an ingredient in the manufacture of bath soaps, detergents and other household items.

Citronella’s medical applications include its curative uses against fever, indigestion and menstrual pains. It also reduces depression since it stimulates blood circulation.

The following materials can be used to make six pieces of Spring candles weighing 1 kilo each (based on 2011 prices).

Raw Materials:

  • 500 g paraffin wax in pellets
  • 600 g gel wax
  • 10 g wax dye
  • 4 inches nylon wick
  • Citronella essential oil

Total Cost: P 341.54


  • scissor, kettle, stove, small basin
  • weighing scale or beam balance
  • chopstick, 6 plastic cups
  • wick sustainer
  • glass or breakable container (4-inch diameter)

Total Cost: P 2,309.14
Grand Total: P 2,650.68


  1. Melt a small quantity of wax. Immerse in the melted wax the 4-inch nylon wick. Allow it to harden.
  2. Tie into a wick sustainer and set aside.
  3. Place paraffin wax in pellets in a small basin.
  4. Drop citronella oil, the quantity of which will determine the strength of the scent of the candle being made. Mix well.
  5. Transfer the mix made of pellets and citronella oil into 6 plastic cups.
  6. Apply dye according to desired color. Mix.
  7. Transfer some colored pellets into a breakable container.
  8. Pierce the wick into the center of this container.
  9. Fill this up with colored pellets. Arrange to suit one’s desired design.
  10. Melt some gel wax inside a kettle and pour on top of pellets.
  11. We have now produced the home fragrance aroma candle.

Unit Cost and selling Price:

  • Direct cost – P 341.54
  • Indirect cost – 4.02

Unit cost – P 345.56

Suggested selling price:

  • 20% markup – P 414.67
  • 30% markup – P 449.28
  • 50% markup – P 518.34

It is estimated that the 120 pieces of home fragrance candles can be made in one day which became the basis for the computation of the unit cost and selling price.

It will be observed that only four kinds of essential oils were used in making the different aroma candles mentioned earlier. There are other essential oils available in the market, from which you can make other kinds of aroma candles.


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