How to Make Juice from Balimbing or Star Fruit

Balimbing or star fruit (Averrhoa carambola Linn.) occurs in a cultivated or semicultivated state throughout the Philippines.

The fruit is fleshy, acid, green or greenish-yellow, and edible. It is eaten with or without salt rather extensively by Filipinos and the juice is often used for seasoning. As in kamias, the juice is used in washing clothes and removes spot or stains. The fruit is made also into pickles and sweets.

Medical properties: Vermifuge, laxative, refrigerant, antiscorbutic, febrifuge, sialogogue, antiphlogistic, stimulant, emmenagogue, anodyne, emetic. Studies indicate the presence of saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins.

Balimbing Juice


  1. Select good quality and fruits. Fruits with damage taste bad.
  2. Extract using cheese cloth or mechanical juice extractor.
  3. If refractometer is available, adjust sugar to 11 degree brix. Otherwise, adjust sugar until the sweetness compares to ripe grapes.
  4. If you want a shelf stable balimbing juice, pasteurize at 75 degree brix for 15 minutes.
  5. Pack immediately in sterilized bottle and seal.


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