How to Make Mango Sweets & Preserved

A simple methods on fruit preserves than can be an additional income or sideline for a stay-home person.

Mango Jam

In preparing mango jam, do not use metal utensils like knife, casserole or other similar metal containers of the jam produced.


  1. Wash ripe mangoes, slice and scrape the flesh.
  2. Pass through a course strainer.
  3. For every 2 cups mango, add 1 cup sugar.
  4. Cook in a heavy aluminum casserole or frying pan and keep on stirring until thick.
  5. Keep in jars that had been sterilized (or exposed to the heat of the sun) and cover.

Dried Sweet Mango

“Pico” mango has been found to be the best source for mango candy.


  1. Slice the flesh of the fruit.
  2. Add syrup little by little to make it absorb the sugar from 50°-60° Brix.
  3. Add 0.2% sodium metabisulfite as preservative.
  4. Dry in oven as in other sweetened preserves, at 54°C for 2 hours until the moisture is reduced to 16%.

Preserved Green Mango


  1. Slice green mangoes, wash well.
  2. Sprinkle with salt (not more than 10%, not less than 5% in equal amount of water).
  3. Let stand overnight.
  4. On the next day, add an equal amount of water and set aside for 2 weeks.



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