How to Make Orange Marmalade for Home Business

Uniformly fruit size and shape are required of citrus fruits for processing. Varieties with thin and sufficiently hard peels are preferable. Generally, orange reach processing maturity some time after they are sufficient mature for eating fresh.

Popular citrus products are juice, syrup, concentrate, paste or puree, preserve, marmalade, jam, candy, dehydrated products, wine, brandy, and cordial.

For high acidic citrus fruits, do not use metal (iron, copper, or zinc) implements in order to prevent flavor deterioration.

Orange Marmalade

  1. Scrape the surface of the orange with a sharp knife to open the cells and produce a mild flavor.
  2. Boil for three and cool in cold water.
  3. Cut the fruits in eight section each, and scoop out the pulp. Discard the seeds. Return them to the kettle. Then, slice the rind paper-thin and also place the slices in the kettle.
  4. Add calamansi juice and water, and simmer for an hour in an uncovered kettle.
  5. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Simmer for 50 minutes or more. Remove from heat.
  6. Test for doneness, and flow general directions.


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