How to Make Pineapple Candy


  1. Weigh rareripe pineapple. Remove the crown. Wash pineapple thoroughly in tap water.
  2. Soak in chlorinated water (200 ppm) for 10 minutes to reduce microbial load. Drain.
  3. Peel the fruits and remove the eyes and the core.
  4. Cut the fruits into desired thickness and shape (or cut it into wedges of about 2 cm thickness or dice it into desired size and thickness).
  5. Soak the fruits into hot boiled heavy syrup (1 part water: 1 part sugar) containing citric acid equivalent to 0.3% (3g/liter of syrup), and sodium benzoate, 0.1% (1g/liter of syrup). The latter is added as a precautionary measure against mold growth.
  6. Let the material stand overnight in a cool place.
  7. Drain the fruits.
  8. Increase the syrup concentration by 2% or more and boil.
  9. Cool the hot syrup slightly and re-soak the fruits.
  10. Repeat this operation daily for about a week or until the sugar no longer dissolves.
  11. Drain the syrup-impregnated fruit.
  12. Wipe off sticky syrup with clean moist cloth, and dry under the sun or appropriate drier until moisture content is about 30 to 35%.
  13. Cool. Pack and seal it in polyethylene bags, glass jars, or other appropriate containers.


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