How to Make Santa Claus Figurine Part 2 – Casting and Finishing

Tools and Materials:

  • about 500g plaster of Paris
  • about 150g water
  • spatula
  • 2 pcs rubber band 1/2″ x 24″
  • paint brush
  • small and big knives
  • scissors
  • 100g paints of different colors


A. Casting:

  1. Put a small amount of water and plaster of Paris inti a mixing bowl. Stir well until viscous.
  2. Using a paint brush, apply mixture to the molds.
  3. Join together the two molds along with the support and tie with rubber band to secure.
  4. With the remaining plaster of Paris and water, make another mixture.
  5. Stand the mold upside down and pour plaster of Paris into the hole of the mold.
  6. Shake the mixture so it will fill all part of the mold. Dry for 25 minutes.
  7. When dry, remove the rubber band.
  8. Suing a big knife, separate the support and the mold. Remove the cast of the Santa Claus.
  9. Scrape off excess cast around Santa Claus.
  10. You may also fashion a stand for Santa Claus. To make the stand, pour plaster of Paris mixture into a piece of carton and let the Santa stand on it. Let dry.

B. Finishing:

Once the stand becomes dry, you may now paint the Santa Claus figurine. Paint parts with the same color all at once to save time.

Product Costing and Computation of Selling Price
(Prices are based on survey of resin and ancillary products in Metro Manila as of July 2004)

  • Direct cost – P 52.49
  • Indirect cost – P 367.74
  • Other materials – P 698.60

Assuming that you can make 8 pieces of Santa Claus figurines in one day with your mold, in a month of 22 days you can make 176 pieces. In 6 months, production will be a total of 1,056 which is the basis for the indirect unit cost.

Unit cost: P 72.15

Suggested selling price:

  • P 72.15 x 20% markup = P 86.58
  • x 25% markup = 90.19
  • x 30% markup = 93.80

For supplies and materials:

Polymer Products (Phil.) Inc.
11 Joe Borris St., Bo Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
Tel: 671-9837 to 39
Email: [email protected]

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