How to Make Sardines in Tomato Sauce


  • 170-180 g Dressed fish (bangus, tunsoy, galunggong)
  • 60 g Sauce
  • composed of:
    • 37.8 g tomato sauce
    • 12.6 g Tomato paste
    • 9 ml Corn or vegetable oil
    • 0.7 Hot pepper extract*
    • 1-2 g Salt

*Hot Pepper Extract Procedure

  1.  Prepare by boiling red hot peppers (siling labuyo) of known weight in water (1 part pepper to 3 parts water) until soft.
  2. Pass the softened hot peppers through a strainer to remove skins and seeds.
  3. Restore the water that evaporated.
  4. Mix the sauce ingredients and heat to 82°C with constant stirring then add the fish.


  • weighing scale
  • salinometer
  • chopping board
  • thermometer
  • knife
  • double boiler
  • colander
  • stove
  • pressure cooker

Packaging Materials:

  • 8-oz sterilized bottles with new caps


  1. Scale fish and remove the head, fins, tail, belly flaps and internal organs.
  2. Wash fish thoroughly to remove blood and other foreign matters.
  3. Cut the fish transversely to fit the size of the container. Scrape off remaining blood vessels and black pigments.
  4. Soak fish in 20% salt solution (1 part salt to 4 parts water) for 30 minutes. Drain.
  5. Fill the cut fish into cans or glass jars.
  6. Fill with the heated sauce to 1/6-inch headspace from the top of the container.
  7. Exhaust to an internal temperature of 82°C and seal.
  8. Process sealed cans and jars for one hour at 121°C (15 psig) or for 1½ hour at 116°C (10 psig).
  9. Cool cans under running water. Allow the glass jars to cool atmospherically.
  10. Wash cans and jars, dry, label and store.


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