How to Make Sea Cucumber Jelly

The product is potential substitute for jelly or gelatin prepared from seaweed which is usually served on special occasions/celebrations as delicacies.

Sea cucumber jelly has 3.2% protein content, 2.59% fat, and 78.02% moisture. It is comparable to commercial jellies in terms of flavor, odor, and texture, and is generally acceptable. When kept at refrigerated temperature, sea cucumber jelly could last for 6 months.


  • 60 g ground sea cucumber
  • 40 g carrageenan
  • 14 cup water


Bring water to boil. Add the ground sea cucumber until partially dissolved. Add the carrageenan and mix thoroughly. Transfer to a molder immediately and allow to cool.

To further improve the taste, add vanilla extract.

Market Potential

School children are very fond of jellies. Sea cucumber jellies could be marketed to diet conscious consumers, children and adults. Packaging is 100g/pack of 3.

source: DOST, BFAR

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