How to Make Spring Candle

In making spring candle, floral aromas is used. In what we are about to do, the ilang-ilang essential oil will be used as the aroma based. It is believed that this aroma revitalizes a person and relaxes the nerves. It is also known as a anti-depressant because the ilang-ilang aroma stimulates blood circulation.

The following materials can be used to make six pieces of Spring candles weighing 1 kilo each. (based on Dec. 2006 price)

Raw Materials:

  • 5.4 kgs paraffin wax in pellets
  • 600 g crystal wax
  • 10 g wax dye (for color)
  • 18 inches nylon wick
  • Core and outer plaster mold
  • Ilang-ilang essential oil
  • Floral accents

Total Cost: P 896.47


  • scissor, pail, stick, kettle
  • weighing scale or beam balance
  • barbeque stick, rubber band
  • chopstick or wooden stick
  • thermometer, knife, basin, stove

Total Cost: P 3,461.08
Grand Total: P 4,357.55


  1. Prepare a 3-inch nylon wick. Then dip this wick in melted wax and allow it to harden.
  2. Immerse the mold in water for 3 minutes.
  3. Place the wick that is tied to a stick as a stopper inside the hole of the mold with a 3-inch diameter.
  4. Join the two-piece mold by tying these tightly with a rubber band.
  5. Place pellet wax and crystal wax inside a casserole or kettle. Let it heat up until wax melts. Remove from fire.
  6. Drop some wax dye into the melted wax.
  7. Add the ilang-ilang essential oil. Mix well.
  8. Pour the mixture into the mold. Fill it up. Let the wax solidify or harden.
  9. Remove the hardened candle from the mold.
  10. Using a knife, remove the excess wax.
  11. Join together, this time, the two-piece outer candle mold. Bind with a rubber band.
  12. Put the hardened core candle in the center of the mold.
  13. Put floral accents around the core candle in areas you prefer. Just avoid filling up to the candle top.
  14. Heat again the remaining wax.
  15. Pour the wax around the core candle. Let the candle harden before filling up the mold of the wax.
  16. Place these inside a basin half-filled with water to hasten the hardening of the wax.
  17. Remove the candle from the mold. Clean and scrape excess wax surrounding the newly made candle using a knife.

Now you have learned how to make aroma candle using a mold. You may now wrap the candle for gift purposes or if not, add these to your collection of candles. The best prospect, of course, is to be able to sell these to your friends and neighbors.

Unit Cost and selling Price:

  • Direct cost (P896.47/6) – 149.41
  • Indirect cost – 13.58

Unit cost – 163.00

Suggested selling price:

  • 20% markup – P195.59
  • 30% markup – P211.89
  • 50% markup – P244.49

It is estimated that the entrepreneur can make 60 pieces of spring candles in one day which quantity became the basis for computing the unit cost and selling price.


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