How to Make Stained Glass

We usually marvel the beauty of church windows with its stained glass depiction of various saints. We often wonder if we could do the same with our windows or make our own designs with stained glass. In this activity, we will show how easy it is to make your own stained glass.

Tools and Materials:

  • Cellophane sheet
  • about 375g Pre-mixed resin
  • about 200g pre-mixed clear cast resin for coloring
  • 125g chopped Strand fiberglass mat #230 or 300
  • 7.5g Hardener for the pre-mixed resin
  • 5g each Toner or dyes (yellow, orange, green)
  • Disposable mixing cups
  • Disposable stirring rods
  • 5″ x 9″ Flat metal bar frame (1/16″ thickness x 182″ width x 20′ length)
  • 4g Hardener for the clear cast resin to be used for dyeing
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper

Reminder: The amount of pre-mixed resin to be used depends on the desired size of the frame model. Just follow this proportion in estimating the mixture: 3 parts pre-mixed resin : 1 part chopped strand fiberglass mat. Hardener is 2% of the resin weight.


  1. Shape the flat metal bar into a flower. Make sure that the segments are closed to avoid seeping or dyed resin later into each segment.
  2. Meanwhile, cut a cellophane sheet larger than the metal-framed flower design for stained glass. Crumple and then spread the cellophane sheet. You may also leave the cellophane flat, which will not give a crumpled texture.
  3. In a disposable cup, mix 7.5g hardener into 300g pre-mixed resin. Stir.
  4. Lay flat the chopped strained fiberglass mat into the spread cellophane sheet. Pour the resin on top of the fiberglass. Spread evenly with the stirrer.
  5. Once the fiberglass has been properly saturated with resin (the fiberglass becomes translucent), lay the flower frame unto the wet fiberglass mat. Place a weight on the frame to keep the cellophane flat. Let resin dry for 15-20 minutes.
  6. In separate disposable cups, mix the dyes with pre-mixed resin. (Estimate the distribution of the mixture depending on the design.)
  7. Mix a total of 4g hardener o the dyed resin and pour into each mold or segment of the flower frame. Allow to cure.
  8. Peel/tear the cellophane after the resin has fully cured, cut the excess fiberglass mat. Sand the rough edges of the stained glass. You now have your stained glass flower decor.

Reminder: Mix dyes thoroughly into resin before mixing the MEKP hardener which can be bleach colors. Take note of your formulation in blending colors for consistency.

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