How To Make Taosi

Taosi (Douchi in Chinese) is a flavoring most popular in the cuisine of China, and is used to make black bean sauce. It is made by fermenting and salting soybeans. The process turns the beans black, soft, and mostly dry. The flavor is sharp, pungent, and spicy in smell, with a taste that is salty and somewhat bitter and sweet.

Taosi is commonly used in food preparation or as condiment of Filipino dishes.

Materials and Equipments:

  • Soybeans cooking container
  • Salt jar for fermentation
  • Rice bran shallow bamboo basket (bistay)
  • Wheat flour
  • Water
  • Aspergillus oryzae


  1. The soybeans are washed in several changes of tap water and soaked overnight. The soaked beans are drained and washed.
  2. The beans are boiled until they are tender that they can easily be pressed between fingers.
  3. The boiled beans are transferred into a shallow baskets or bistay to drain and cool.
  4. Beans are dried for 30 minutes either under the sun or for one hour in the shade.
  5. Cooked dried beans are then coated with roasted wheat flour.
  6. One teaspoon per 3 kg of a 3-day old rice bran culture of yellow-greenish mold known as Aspergillus oryzae is introduced to the beans as seed. The mixture is mixed thoroughly.
  7. The seeded beans are spread to a thickness of about 1-2 inches thick in the basket. Then covered with either cheesecloth or clean Manila paper and allowed to stand for 3-4 days in a damp clean place till it is profusely covered with the mold growth.
  8. The beans with molds are transferred into a jar containing a brine solution (20-22%) and is covered.

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