How to Process Garlic Into Flakes

Garlic flakes are dried product from peeled garlic sliced lengthwise. The dried product can be sorted according to color:

  • a – cream; shows no discoloration
  • b – slightly discolored
  • c – evident dark brown discoloration

a and b can be picked for use in dishes that require sliced whole garlic, like pinakbet, paksiw and adobo, while c can be pulverized to produce garlic powder.

Steps in Garlic Flakes Production

  1. Sort out garlic according to size and diameter. Choose large bulbs.
  2. Remove paper thin covering. Separate into individual cloves. Set aside thin and small cloves for use in garlic granules production.
  3. Remove peel. Slice lengthwise into 2mm thickness using a mechanical slicer or stainless steel knives.
  4. Spread out in drying trays which have been lined with nylon mesh. Dry under the sun.
  5. Finish the drying operation in a drier or in an oven maintained at 60°C. Trays should be rotated to hasten drying.
  6. Sort according to color.
  7. Pack tightly in jars or in thick polyethylene bags. Seal. When using jars, cover the mouth with aluminum foil to prevent or minimize entrance of moisture.

How to Use

Rehydrate the flakes by immersing in lukewarm water 10-15 minutes.

source: An adaptable technology for the processing of garlic into flakes, granules and powder has been developed by Abadilla, (1989). 


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