How to Process Garlic Into Granules

Garlic granules is the dried product from peeled/unpeeled garlic that has been passed through a food chopper equipped with a coarse blade. The resulting dried product is free from dried peels. Color ranges from cream to golden brown depending in the raw bulbs used. Granules with desirable golden brown color are produced when garlic that has been stored for some time is used. On the other hand, white granules result from newly harvested garlic.

Steps in Garlic Granules Production

Labor and time are saved in this process as the peeling operation may be eliminated. An ordinary chopper equipped with a coarse blade can be used instead of the laborious manual chopping operation.

Solar drying is the first step in the drying process. The final drying, however, must be completed in a drier or in an ordinary kitchen oven.

  1. Sort out bulbs according to size and diameter. The smaller cloves which have been rejected in the preparation of garlic slices can be used.
  2. Pass the cloves in a food chopper. Feed the chopper in small amounts to prevent squeezing out the liquid.
  3. Spread out thinly in drying trays which have been lined with nylon mesh. Dry under the sun.
  4. Finish the drying operation in a drier or in an oven maintained at 60°C. The granules at this stage have a tendency to form lumps. Break any lump to hasten the drying process.
  5. Remove the dried peels that are mixed with the granules by winnowing or by gently blowing on the surface of the dried material with the use of an electric fan.
  6. Pack immediately in plastic jars in thick polyethylene bags. Seal.

How to Use

Rehydrate by immersing the granules in a small amount of lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes. The granule form is ideal for hamburger mixes, embutido and longanisa.

source: An adaptable technology for the processing of garlic into flakes, granules and powder has been developed by Abadilla, (1989). 

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