How to Transfer Image From One Source to Another

An image transfer is, to put it simply, the act of transferring an image from one source to another. Depending upon what material you are wanting to transfer onto will depend on what type of transfer method you want to use.

Printing on Fabric with the Ink Jet

One of the easiest methods of transferring images to fabric is the freezer paper method. This is how you do it, cut a piece of freezer paper the same size as your printer paper, also cut a piece of fine cotton fabric the same size and make sure there are no threads hanging to catch in your printer. More here

Paper and inkjet Transfers

This is just the greatest thing! You can transfer any image you have on your computer to just about any surface you like! Paper, book pages, fabric! It takes a little bit of practice – hopefully I can save you some of the hours I have spent perfecting this technique! Be prepared for the transfer to not be “perfect.” Adds to the charm and vintage look, I think. More here

Ink Jet Transparency Transfers

Ink Jet transfers are quick and easy to do. Don’t get discouraged if the transfer isn’t perfect –that’s part of the appeal. Often, you can make a couple of transfers from one transparency with each transfer becoming fainter. The fainter images have an interesting, delicate feel, much like a watermark. More here

Water Ink Jet Transfers

Can’t deviate from this recipe. I run a controlled experiment lab here (lol), and believe me, don’t waste your time trying deviations; they simply don’t work. If you prove me wrong on the paper, oh please let me know. I tried this process with a Lexmark printer with success. Unfortunately, my C80 Epson has pigmented inks so it doesn’t work at all. More here

Transfers with a Heat transfer Tool

Using a heat transfer tool which is readily found in craft stores, online, and some sewing centers, you can create beautiful color or black and white prints on fabric, paper, wood, or any hard surface. The tool is similar to a soldering iron or wood burning tool and comes with the screw on heads. The flat dime sized circular head is the one to transfer with. More here

Polaroid Transfer

There are many ways to create an image onto Polaroid film. In the camera, in the darkroom or the easiest way by using a slide in the Polaroid DayLab, a self-contained unit with a lightbulb, color filters and film and slide holder. A slide is placed in the Daylab and projected onto a piece of Polaroid film. Before developing the Polaroid, a piece of Arches Hot Press Paper is dipped in a tray of ordinary water and then squeegeed. The film is then processed for thirty to forty-five seconds and them peeled apart, before the Polaroid is fully developed. The dyes that usually go onto the Polaroid are now going to be transferred onto the paper. More here and here

Gel Transfer

Paint your doll one color and let dry. After drying you can paint the wings’s and hair. Copy your stamped images with the help of a copier, you printer doesn’t work for this. Start painting with the gel medium first into vertical direction let dry this will take about 30 minutes now paint into horizontal direction let dry again and repeat this until you have a total of six layers While waiting for the drying between each layer you can best put your foambrush into a plastic bag, this way you don’t need to clean it after each layer. More here

T Shirt Transfers on fabric and Polymer Clay

Iron on Transfers for inkjet printers are the simplest of transfer methods I have tried. They are easy to buy, reasonably cheap, always work and the reproduction is excellent. The image can be transferred to any fabric, paper and even polymerclay.

The basic printing procedure is the same for all materials. They come in a pack of 15-20 A4 sheets. To make use of the whole sheet you will plan all your images in a image software program, resizing and cropping the image how you want. You can keep them close together. Type will need to be reversed, I usually compose the whole page then flip it horizontally so images come out as the original. Print using the photo quality setting, and the printable side up. More here

Supplies and Equipments

CISS Manila is offering equipments for transferring images to shirts, mugs and any other flat objects. Training is free.

T-Shirt Heat Press – quickly transfer colorful designs to t-shirts that lasts. No messy ink or labor-intensive screening. You can press anything that can be printed on your inkjet printer.Price: Php 22,700. Mug Press – a mug is just an ordinary piece of kitchenware unless you find a way to personalize it.Price: Php 16,675


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