How to Use Pressure Cooker for Canning Foods

1. The first step in pressure canning is to clean, inspect and assemble the pressure canner. Before each canning season, check the dial gauge for accuracy. The dial gauge is a delicate instrument which must be handled with care. Do not submerse cover or let gauge come in contact with any liquid. You should have the gauge inspected if the cover has been submerged in water or dropped, gauge glass is broken or has fallen out, parts are rusty, pointer is not in the “0” block, or if you believe the gauge may not be accurate.

2. Check the jars for nicks, cracks, and sharp edges. Check the rings (screw bands) for dents or rust. Use only jars, lids, and bands in perfect condition so an airtight seal may be obtained. Wash and rinse jars, lids, and bands. Pour hot water into jars and set aside until needed. The jars and lids don’t need to be sterile, just clean and warm (to prevent breakage from thermal shock). The canner will sterilize both the contents and the jars! Continue here

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