Ice Scramble Foodcart Business

Whenever I see this cold-concoction, it reminds me of my childhood days. Who would believe that this lowly street-food will now become a multi-million food cart industry? You see them everywhere, inside and outside malls, schools, public transports, markets, sidewalks, MRT stations, etc. If you live in Metro Manila, every few blocks of walking, you see carts of different shapes and sizes, from a simple table-top to high-end carts you see inside popular malls, they have one thing in common though — ice scramble products!

What is this product that becomes so popular anyway? The ingredients basically is just a shaved ice mixed with sugar and any artificial fruit flavor topped with powdered milk and chocolate syrup that’s it, and yet everybody is so crazy about it nowadays!

Some entrepreneur-minded Pinoy’s reinvent this simple recipe by adding more choices of toppings like rice crispies, marshmallows, cookies, choco bits and all other sugar-loaded candies they can think of, put it in printed plastic cups and sell it for P5 to 8 per cup.

How to start the business?

First, you have to scout a location where foot traffic is high (see possible locations I mentioned above). Location is always the key and major factor whatever foodcart business you plan to put up.

Next are the equipments. You will need an ice shaver, electric ice crusher is highly recommended for uniform and more refined shaved-ice texture, a hand mixer, a chest cooler, jars (for toppings), ladle, plastic cups, and of course, ice! The ingredients for ice scramble making are readily available in any groceries or supermarkets.

For the cart, you can do-it-yourself or hire someone who knows basic carpentry. Heck, even an ordinary foldable wood or plastic table will do, but if you want something more presentable to the customers, a simple but nicely painted cart will do, put a sign board and… you’re off!


But, if you’re thinking national (perhaps global!), there are a lot of franchise companies out there offering a complete set of foodcart package, you will simply provide a location and crew, and they will do the rest. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to start this kind of business from scratch, then this can be a good idea.

There are several advantages, of course, the company will provide you with everything you need. The brand you will be carrying is already popular and known in the market. They will also give you support, tips and advice. Be very cautious though and make your own due diligence hen dealing with franchising companies. The company should be registered at DTI or SEC, and at least 5 years in existence in the foodcart business. Insist to visit their office to check and verify their business.

In the end, it’s all basically up to you though, it will be your own money anyway, so be wise where to invest.

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