Low Cost Bamboo Greenhouse Construction

This is the cheapest method to produce flowers and vegetables during the rainy days. With the use of bamboo or rattan which are abundant around us we can easily assist the farmers to produce flowers or vegetables during the rainy seasons.

Ways to construct the greenhouse :

  1. Prepare the land with the measurement of 1.3 m x 5.1 m.
  2. Pulverize the soil, take away the stones and grasses.
  3. Add organic fertilizer or dried manure.
  4. Cut 6 pieces of bamboo 3 meters long and 50 mm wide or rattan pole of the same length.
  5. Stake the bamboo at the depth of 1.3 meters on the two sides of the plot and put up the second at distance of 1 meter from the first one and so on until all the 6 pcs are used up.
  6. Use uvs (ultra-violet stabilized) P.E. film cover. Size is 2.8 meters width by 7 meters long and 0.125 mm thickness.
  7. Attach a long pole on side of PE film to roll up the roof when the sun is up or down when it rains.
  8. Put on black or silver and black film to cover on the entire plot’ to reduce rapid evaporation of water and stop the growth of weeds. Size of the film is 5.51 m x 1.5 m x 0.03 mm.

Supplies and materials are available at:

Hoobee Packaging Corporation
946 Busilak St., Mandaluyong City
Tel: (02) 533-4773 to 75, Mobile: 0917-7160942
Email: [email protected]

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