Mangrove-Friendly Shrimp Farming

Mangroves or Aquaculture? Why not both? Regulate the cutting of mangroves for aquaculture! Mangroves and aquaculture can exist with each other. In fact, aquaculture can be done in mangrove areas. Mangroves showed higher growth rates in the presence of aquaculture effluents than those with no adjacent aquaculture activities. Mangroves can also remove significant levels of nitrogen and solid wastes from shrimp pond effluents.

What To Do

  • Maintain mangroves at an estimated 1.4-1.6 ha to process wastes from one hectare of intensive or semi-intensive shrimp pond. These estimates cover only the waste assimilation function and are therefore minimum levels. Do not use antibiotics and other chemical or biological inputs that may be harmful to mangrove organisms.
  • Hold shrimp pond effluents for 6h or more in the mangrove wetland to reduce levels of nitrogen and solid wastes before discharge into the creek.
  • Harvest mangroves partially (as branches of Avicennia, Sonneratia and other non-Rhizophoraceae) or as the whole tree (for Rhizophorea, Ceriops and other Rhizophoraceae) with replanting of the latter. For ponds that border a waterway (creek, river or shore), the mangrove treatment area can also serve as the 20-m to 50-m greenbelt required by law.

Waste water from shrimp farms observing good management practices have no negative effect on natural mangrove areas.


  • Mangroves’ capacity to absorb nutrients
  • Good management practices
  • Simple biological treatments
  • Integrating physical and biological technologies
  • Trickling filter
  • Seawater irrigation system
  • Stocking density
  • Cost and benefits of mangrove-friendly shrimp farming practices

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