Plant Species with Essential Oil for Perfume Production Part 6


Common name: cedarwood
Scientific Name: Cedrus deodora (Roxb.) Loud

Description – It is a graceful evergreen tree growing to a height of 50 cm occasionally reaching a height of 75 m and 13.5 m in girth.


Cedarwood can be produced by seeds. Seeds are extracted by soaking the fruits in tap water to soften and remove the pulp. Air dry the seeds by spreading on cemented area. Seeds can be sown in a 4€ x 6€ plastic bags filled with ordinary garden soil and sand. Germination usually starts 10 to 15 days after sowing. Regular watering should be done to maintain the moisture level. Seedlings are ready for outplanting 6 months after sowing.


Seedlings can be outplanted once the desired height is attained during rainy season to have better survival. Mulching with dry leaves around the base of the plants to maintain the moisture content of the soil is needed. Weeding and brushing the area as often as necessary to acquire faster growth of the plants.

Economic Uses

  • Wood
    • ­as a valuable timber for railway sleepers and for construction work as beams, floor boards, posts, door and window frames
    • ­also suitable for pattern making, electric poles and battery separators
    • ­used for pencil making
  • Wood shaving/sawdust -­ for essential oil for which is used in perfumery, scenting of soaps, as an odor fixative and in technical preparations, room sprays and disinfectants


Common name: nutmeg
Scientific Name: Myristica fragrans Hout.


Nutmeg is a spreading evergreen, 10 to 18 m high, with willowy green branches, and leathery, yellowish olive green ovate. Aromatic leaves 5 to 12 cm long, bluish beneath. Axillary pale yellow flowers, fruits are yello w pear­like fleshy 5 cm. Fruits open by two valves and showing red pulp. The spike which surrounds a brown, hard, shelled seeds, the kernel of the seed is nutmeg.


Nutmeg is propagated through seeds. Seeds are extracted from the fleshy pericarp and sown immediately on polyethylene bag with a mixture of garden soil and sand in the ration of 3:1. Regular watering is essential for good germination.


Nutmeg seedlings can be outplanted once the desired height is attained at the onset of the rainy season. Weeding and brushing the area around the plants should be done as often as necessary to maintain moisture content of the soil.

Economic Uses

Seeds – used for medicinal purposes

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