Ready-to-Drink Calamansi Juice Processing

Calamansi (citrus mitis blanco) is indigenous in the Philippines. It is also known as kalamondin, kalamunding, kalamansi, or lemonsito. The tree is small and densely branched that bears plentiful small green fruits. The fruits are available throughout the year and the peak season of the harvest is in mid-August through October.

The fruit us rich in vitamin C. The extracted juice is usually used for culinary purposes. Calamansi juice drink is also often prepared at home for its medicinal properties. Now, extracted juice can be processed and bottled commercially as ready-to-drink calamansi juice. The process of making ready-to-drink calamansi juice is very simple.

Benefits/Cost Analysis

The capital investment required in setting up a processing plant for ready-to-drink calamansi juice would amount to Php 1.3 million. The facility can also be used to process other types of beverages. The estimate does not include the cost of land, building and construction, and waste and pollution control facilities.

The formulated juice drink can be packed in 320 ml PET bottles. Assuming that the production capacity is 5,000 bottles per week, the estimated monthly production cost will be Php 220,000 and estimated return on investment (ROI) will be 36 percent.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in juice processing may check with Dr. Linda B. Mabesa, a professor at the Food Science Cluster (FSC) of the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB).

Contact address:

FSC, College of Agriculture, UPLB, Laguna
Tel: (049) 536-2358


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