Red Lady Papaya Nursery Business

With low capitalization, you can establish your accredited Red Lady Papaya Nursery business now.

Red Lady Papaya – is a world-renown variety from KNOWN-YOU (Farmers Friend in Mandarin ) Seed Co. of Taiwan. It is Papaya Ring Spot Virus resistant. High-yielding, adaptable in Philippine climate and soil conditions, firm red flesh and longer shelf life. Its aromatic taste and firm texture is very well-accepted by Filipino consumers and food processors. More and more farmers are discovering the profitability of growing Red Lady Papaya (RLP) for the domestic urban markets. Start harvesting in 8 months.

Red Lady Papaya seedlings require a particular technique to propagate and needs special care during the two month seedling stage. Many growers would prefer to buy seedlings near their farm or backyard to jumpstart their papaya garden or commercial farm. Hence, there is a great opportunity for growing certified seedlings for their needs.

With the growing popularity of Red Lady Papaya in the fresh market, there is a need to make sure that seedlings supplied to growers are sown from Fi-hybrid seeds and not taken from fruits which results in adulterated seedlings that will rob growers of quality plants and fruits. Hence, we are promoting the establishment of accredited localized Red Lady Papaya Seedlings Nursery to provide growers with the real hybrids. Be the first in your locality.

How do I start?

1. I do not have a greenthumb. How can I be successful in a plant business?
Everyone in the plant business started with their thumb without the green. It is through experience that they develop a love for plants and learn to care for them well. You too can have that greenthumb by sowing your first seed. We will teach you how to grow the best Red Lady Papaya seedlings for profit and joy.

Red Lady Papaya Seedling Nursery Business

2. I am in the plant business. Will Red Lady Papaya Seedlings give me a good return and will it require a big capital?
You are in the best position to start this business, especially if you have established a name trusted by many. The seedling business is based on Trust and Confidence. That you are supplying real hybrids and the true variety.

You can start off with 1,000 seedlings. Below is a simple computation:

Direct Inputs:

  • 10 packs 2 grams seeds, about 1,200 seeds @P750 – P7,500
  • 12 pcs ST 104 Seedling Tray @ P40 – P480
  • 30 pcs ST 035 Seedling Tray @P50 – P1,500
  • 5 bags Growell seedling medium @P300 – P1,500
  • 1 kg. Urea fertilizer – P30.00
  • 1 kg. Complete fertilizer – P30.00
  • 1 liter Growell Plant Growth Enhancer – P380
  • TOTAL Direct inputs – P 11,420.00
  • Labor – 60 days @ one hour/day = 60 hours @P50/hour – P 3,000.00
  • Water – P500.00
  • Total direct cost – P 14,920.00

Initial Investment for seedling nursery greenhouse: Area 10 square meters
Fine net 10 meters @P20/meter – P200

  • Coco lumber – P2,000
  • Bamboo – P200
  • Miscellaneous – P100
  • Carpenter – P500
  • Total – P3,000

Expected income after two months:

  • Sales 1,000 seedlings @ P30/seedling – P30,000
  • Less: Direct inputs, labor and water – P15,000
  • Gross profit – P15,000

3. Is there a ready market for my Red Lady Papaya seedlings?
In any business, it is always useful to check your market before you invest. What are your potential market? Home gardeners, weekend farmers (those who bought land near the city for leisure farming activities), and serious farmers (volume order). You can also supply LGUs adapting the Papaya sa Barangay Program. It is the dispersal of Red Lady papaya seedlings to the barangays for food production program initiated by government units.

As accredited Red Lady Papaya Nursery operators, potential clients will have a peace of mind in buying real F1-hybrid from you. As nursery operators, you can also plant your own papaya as showcase for prospective growers and can help you market the seedlings. Grow as your market grows. Start small and develop your market. Being a trustworthy seedling supplier will give you more referral business. Remember to always give a 2-month old seedling plus-minus a week. About 5 inches tall. Not over-mature.

Red Lady Papaya Nursery Business

4. What is my obligation to be accredited as a Red Lady Seedling Nursery Operator?
You will be required these simple obligation to be a successful seedling supplier.

4.1 Qualifications? You should have at most an hour a day to take care of your seedlings. You should be willing to undergo a hands-on training on proper seedling culture and learn more about the business opportunities in Red Lady Papaya markets. A two-hour orientation on seedling management will give you an over-all view of the seedling nursery business and commercial papaya farming. And of course, you should have the small capital to invest for a very rewarding business. Rewarding not only financially but also friends who will reap good fruits from your seedlings.

4.2 A registration fee after you are accepted as a potential nursery operator. The P1,000 will cover your orientation seminar, beginner’s kit of 2 grams Red Lady F1-hybrid seeds worth P750, 2 seedling trays ST 104 with Growell seedling medium worth P130 and a planting guide. With P1,000, you are off to a good start. For provincial locations, we will send you your starter kit with 120 seedling bags instead of tray and a written guide.

4.3 Do simple accounting of your operation to keep tract of your business. You will give a batch report that will show how much you planted from your seed purchase and how much you sold.

And most important is that you remain always a trustworthy nurseryman. Giving always the best F1-hybrid seedlings to your growers.

For more information, contact:

Harbest Agribusiness Corporation
No. 5 Rosemarie Lane, Brgy. Capitolyo, Pasig City
Phone: (02) 671-7411 to 14 Fax: 671-2232
Email: [email protected]

source: Marid Digest


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