How To Make Solar Dryer

One of the most important phases in root crop chip processing is the drying stage. Proper drying assures appropriate moisture content.

The most common method used is direct sun-drying. Here, the chips are directly exposed to the sun but also dust and dirt, especially if placed on streetsides. Since marketing standards are strict regarding the moisture content, color and presence of foreign matter in the chips, sun-drying is really not that efficient. Besides, direct sun-drying is wholly dependent upon the weather; thus when rain comes, the chips must be gathered before they are completed dry, then set again when the rain drops.

The use of solar dryers in the drying stage is one answer to the limitations of direct sun-drying. Products in solar dryer are safe

from foreign particles such as dust and germs. The product’s taste and color are also better since drying is done under controlled conditions. The use of solar dryers requires a shorter period of time and less space. Moreover, the desired moisture content is easily achieved.

Solar dryers can be used in the processing of dried fruit like pineapple, papaya, mango and citrus. Meat and fish, seafoods and garlic can also be dried here.

Assemble the dryer’s frame as shown in the illustration above using the materials previously prepared and set to the right sizes. Paint the assembled frame with flat black paint. Cover the frame’s surface, front and back sides with plastic. Leave openings on the lower part at the front and on the upper part at the back

then cover with the screen. Place a plastic curtain on the inside, behind the screen of the back opening.
Cover the base of the frame with GI sheet with 13 holes measuring 2″ in diameter set according to the illustration above. Paint both sides of the GI sheet with flat black paint. Attach the set of wheels on the four bottom corners.

Build eight doors, four for each side, and cover with plastic. Attach the door to each side using the 16 pieces of hinges.

Drying comes fast and easy with solar dryer. Drying is facilitated because solar dryers are specially designed for such purpose. The sun’s heat passes through the plastic covers. The air that comes in through the openings at the bottom and

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