Spawnless Mushroom Production Using Munggo Hull


  1. Collect munggo hull after threshing. Place them in sacks.
  2. Construct mushroom beds (1×1 sq. m) by using four banana trunks joined together as base.
  3. The height can be increased to hold the munggo hull and prevent them from scattering.
  4. Pound the hull. Pulverize if possible until white dust from the pods is produced.
  5. Place 5 bags of munggo hull in the bed. You can mix corn husks and cobbs if available. If not, you can use dry banana leaves and trunks of banana in combination with the munggo hull or you can use plain munggo hull.
  6. Instead of throwing rice wash away, use it to moisten the bed in addition to the rain water. (June and July are rainy months in San Mateo, Isabela).
  7. Harvest mushroom at their button stage when mushroom cease to sprout and the bed go down, repeat procedure 3 to 5.
  8. Repeat this process for one or more time (up to 3 times) from the date of establishment for 2 mos.

This procedure needs about 15 big sacks of munggo hull and does not require the use of mushroom spawn.

For more information and questions, visit or contact:

FITS Manager
San Mateo FITS Center Isabela
CP No. 0920 903 0045

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